Louisa Mead – Marathon Blog

I’m 37 years old and I’ve been running for 17 years. I wasn’t good or enjoyed athletics at school, I remember dreading the 7500 metres run but I think that’s because we had a track on the grass and it wasn’t the surface for me! I joined a gym to lose weight when I started work. Drinking pints at Uni piled on the pounds. The treadmill in the gym soon got quite dull and as I lived near the river Thames in Staines at the time I thought I’d give outdoor running a go. I soon fell in love with it and entered 10km events in Hyde Park. My technique and training plans were all trial and error, I’m not sure how I got away without injury for so long but I loved plodding along pavements and was very self motivated. I’ve always enjoyed swimming and cycling, again I’m not going to break any land speed records but the tortoise doesn’t do too bad! I got into open water swimming in 2012 and started looking to combine my two addictions. After a little internet searching I found Pheonix Triathlon club in Guildford did Aquathlons through the summer months so in 2015 I did all 4. Having signed up for them again in 2016, I thought I would see how I got on with going the whole hog! My husband bought me a replacement for my cronky old mountain bike, so with a specialized sport hybrid I was ready and raring to go with all the gear and a little bit of an idea! Again, with another bit of internet searching I found IntoTri in Walton on Thames offering free monthly Triathlon events. I’ve now done three super sprints, my last one was a PB of 54:31, I did say I’m not quick! But I’ve loved them and I’m planning to do sprints next time. I volunteered at the Guildford Triathlon this year and am planning to be a participant next year. I’m also aiming to do a full marathon before I’m 40 so it’ll be the one in Richmond next year. I’ve just got rid of plantar fasciitis so I need to tread carefully! Having had to have seven weeks off running earlier this year, I know I’m addicted to running. I cried the first few days I couldn’t run, I found it really frustrating but I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love with my hobby all over again. I’ll soon be introducing my 6 year old son to the idea of mixing up different sports as he is already good at cycling, swimming and playing tennis. For anyone thinking of trying out du/aquathlons or triathlons, have a go, you don’t have to be good at all or even any of the disciplines, you don’t have to be super speedy or a serious competitive athlete. People at events and wanting to exercise are a friendly bunch, after all they’ve got masses of endorphins running through their body and know that they’ve earnt their fair share of chocolate cake and prosecco when they’ve completed the event! Who wouldn’t be smiling and happy with that as their incentive?!


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